Battle of the Birthday Cards

In January so many of us are thinking about organization.  We create new systems, buy new containers and attempt to order our lives better than we did the year before.  Some of these things will work for some of us, but let’s be honest, by February so many of these new systems will be forgotten, our containers will sit empty with the stuff that was supposed to be in them piled to the side.  I’ll admit, I’m usually with all of you trying to make things work better and often failing.  But I’m going to let you in on one that has worked for me when it comes to the battle of remembering birthdays.

I loved getting birthday cards as a kid (actually I still love getting them, especially in the mail!).  So, because of that, when I became an Aunt I tried really hard to make sure and send my nieces and nephews birthday cards.  Even if I don’t get a gift out, I still try to make sure I send a card.  Honestly, I have failed more than I have succeeded over the years and I hate it.  So last year I set out to do a better job, I bought cards at the beginning of the year for all of our extended family and some of our close friends.  I made it through about June and then I lost steam.  I missed one and then it was all downhill.

So this year I have a plan!  I have once again bought all of the cards for the year, but to take it one step further I have written, addressed and dated all of the cards (I add the person’s birthday where the stamp goes so I know when it needs to be mailed and just add the stamp right over the top when I’m ready to send).  Now all I have to do is attach the stamp and pop it in the mail!  No reason not to get my cards out now.  I hope theY bring a little joy to each person receiving one and definitely less self-imposed pressure on me.

What things are you doing to create less stress and help you feel more organized?

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