Finding Perseverance in the Dirt

This past week was rough.  My work was overwhelming, exhausting and just a bit soul sucking.  In all the best ways of course.  Because what we do is good…it’s just exhausting some times.  To say we are busy this time of year is an understatement.

I attempted to reset multiple times, find the joy and look at the bright side.  At points I was successful, but for the most part I came home each night drained and absolutely no good to my family.  Thank goodness for an understanding and supportive husband!  He really picked up the slack and I couldn’t love him more for knowing just when and how to step in.  As Friday drew to a close (and I left the office 2 plus hours after I normally do) I knew we needed to clear the slate and hit the reset button…I just didn’t know exactly how to accomplish that.IMG_8790

I went to bed last night with the weight of feeling inadequate on my shoulders.  I woke up this morning hopeful that we could start fresh.  And that’s exactly what we did…We are an outdoor family (I especially feel most rejuvenated after spending time in nature) so we did what an self-respecting nature lover does and took the doors off our jeep so we could DRIVE through nature!


It was a tonic for the soul.  Blue skies, gorgeous clouds, the smell of pine and dirt.  Dirt everywhere…in my eyes and nose, on my clothes, covering my sunglasses, a thin layer over my skin, the dash of the jeep, the face of the radio, my camera…over every exposed surface.  Despite the dirt, it really was a great day. IMG_9105

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all perfect with flower daisy head bands and rose colored glasses.  There were the moments of frustration, the sighs of impatience, the complaints about dirt and the obligatory “how much longer” questions (which are difficult to answer when you don’t know where you are going to begin with) …but when all was said and done, we spent a day together…disconnected from the world… reveling in the beauty of God’s creation.   So for me…it was perfect…perfectly imperfect.


And now I will approach Tuesday and the new week with a sense of contentment and peace.  And pray that carries me through!

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