My time with Him

This idea may be controversial.  Some people may disagree with this idea, but for me it makes my time purposeful and intentional.  As a working wife and mother, reporting to a traditional office job with an 8 o’clock start time, I find it challenging to have a few quiet minutes every day to pray.  I know, I know, a lot of you will tell me I need to make it, find it, create it, etc.  And I get that.  I understand the importance of being intentional about my time with God, studying His Word.  And I agree.

I have tried getting up early in the morning to spend my time with Him, and that often works. I feel that I get the most out of my time if it’s in the morning, but honestly there are some mornings it takes everything I have just to get out of bed and get dressed.  And there are days (as others know) where my kids or husband need more of my time. There are definitely mornings that don’t go smoothly.  And on those days, I don’t get my time with Him first thing in the morning.

I have struggled with guilt over that or for days where I don’t spend any time studying.  But if I spend my time feeling guilty I am getting away from what I really should be doing.  So about a year ago, I stumbled across an idea.  I’m not sure why it hadn’t hit me before.  It was on a particularly challenging morning that I began to fervently pray as I walked from my car to my office.

So you see, for the past 12 years I have spent the first part of my morning walking from the parking lot to my office.  This doesn’t seem monumental in any way, except that it takes me minimally 10 minutes to complete this walk.  And it’s beautiful.  It is a snippet of time five days a week…that I am alone…it is usually quiet, and I walk through God’s creation. Yes, I am on a sidewalk, but I walk with the Sierra Nevada mountains on the horizon and lush green fields in the foreground.  There is wildlife and some of the most amazing clouds I have ever seen.  Each day brings me a new view and it reminds me to nurture my relationship with the Lord.

So I pray.  This is my time with Him.  My time to talk and walk with Him…and it has changed our relationship.

So I urge each of you to find that time with Him.  It doesn’t have to be the quintessential bible study or prayer time, it just needs to be intentional and done with your whole heart.

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