Simple and Cute Teacher Gift

It’s the time of year that many of us are scrambling to put together teacher thank you gifts. Whether you are planning to thank your child’s teacher this week during national teacher appreciation week or at the end of the school year this simple, but personalized gift will be a big hit.

Teacher Gift


Supplies Needed:

Cute tote bag



Freezer Paper

Craft Knife


Note: I purchased my bag from Hobby Lobby.

First you will need to decide if you will include the teacher’s full name or just an initial.  I opted for the Initial.


Once you decide, you will need to create a template for painting.  In Microsoft Word I selected the font that I liked (you probably want a fairly simple font, this makes cutting it out easier) and then played with the size.  You want it to be larger enough for cutting out and fitting for the size of the bag.


Once you decide on font and size, print it on the freezer paper and cut out the letter or name with your craft knife.  Throw away the letter and keep the page with the missing letter(s).  Place the template on your bag and lightly iron the template to the bag.  Now select your paint color and paint in the template.  Allow the paint to dry and then remove the template.


Ta-da!  You have an adorable, personalized teacher gift.



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